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The X1 card is designed to solve many problems that consumers face when using a credit card today.

If you think about it, the credit card has been around for a long time, but not much has really changed. Yeah, you might find a card that gives you back an extra percent in rewards or maybe a welcome bonus of a few hundred dollars, but the process has been the same.

The X1 credit card team is raising the bar a few notches by helping the consumer save time, money, and stress. By integrating technology with the card, the consumer will have automated features that no card has offered before.

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What is the X1 Credit Card?

Many people are waiting to get their hands on the X1 card by Visa. The X1 card is a credit card that was developed by a group of silicon valley tech executives and investors from the financial sector. Some of these executives include Deepak Rao (Twitter), Siddharth Batra (Twitter), Aaron Levie (Box), Jeremy Stoppelman (Yelp), Max Levchin (Affirm & Paypal) as well as others. The company raised another $12 million in their most recent round of funding.

The credit card was designed to give as much value without having to give back anything in return. The credit card is Built with 17g of clank-worthy stainless steel and powered by technology to automate benefits in the background. The card is completely free (no annual fees) and has benefits to help users protect their time, privacy, and money.


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What are the Benefits of the X1 Card?

Let’s talk about all the benefits of the X1 card.

Some of these are common with all credit cards, but the rest of the benefits will make your life so much easier because you won’t have to constantly manage what is happening with your money.

1. Automatic Free Trial Management

One of the common problems today is the abundance of free trials. Most companies use a subscription model because they can capitalize on the large number of people who stop using the service after a few months.

The X1 card is designed to solve this problem by offering temporary credit card numbers that auto-expire at a certain time. This means there is no need to wait for the trial to end anymore. All you would have to do is use the card and create the cut-off date.

This gives the consumer a safety net when signing up for a service from a company they don’t fully trust. Usually, companies will make it extremely easy to sign up for a free trial, but ending the trial is like navigating through a jungle.

2. One-Click Subscription Cancellation

Now you are able to cancel subscription payments with one simple click.

We all know how much of a pain it can be to cancel a subscription because companies typically make it insanely tedious to accomplish this.

Instead of searching for your membership through the subscription vendor, you can log into the X1 card’s app and click cancel on that specific vendor. That’s it.

3. Create Virtual Cards for One-Time Use

You now have the power to create temporary credit card numbers if you don’t feel comfortable giving out your real credit card number.

This gives you peace of mind when shopping with vendors you haven’t built trust with as well as free trials you may forget about.

For example, You want to start a free trial for a service, but aren’t sure if you will like it. If you create a temporary virtual credit card number, you will be able to activate the trial and have the credit card inactive after joining.

This will allow you to sign up for as many trials as you want without needing to remember to cancel later.

4. Anonymous Spending

Though the company hasn’t fully revealed how this will work, X1 claims the consumer has the ability to transact without giving personal information to the merchant.  In today’s age, it is always nice to avoid giving personal information if possible.

5. Amplified Rewards

The X1 card offers ways to further collect rewards on purchases. The points are not capped and never expire, but it currently appears they can only be redeemed with select companies/brands.

-2X points per dollar on every purchase
-3X points per dollar on every purchase if you spend $15,000 annually
-4X points per dollar on every purchase for 30 days for each approved referral
-Earn unlimited points that don’t expire
-All of these (except for the 3X points) kick-in immediately so there is no need to wait to hit a threshold.


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The points are not capped and never expire, but it currently appears they can only be redeemed with select companies/brands.  We are hoping this changes since other cards have more flexibility with the rewards.

If you’re looking for a card with even crazier cash back opportunities, be sure and check out the M1 Owner’s Rewards card.

6. No Credit Card Fee

The X1 card has no annual fee. This was surprising to us because of the long list of benefits the credit card provides.

The X1 card has lower interest than most cards (variable 12.9 – 19.9% APR) and only a 2% balance transfer fee. No introductory interest rates have been mentioned at this time.

7. Instant Notifications on Refunds

When your recent purchase is refunded from the vendor,  you’ll get alerted by the X1 card with an instant notification. This will help you keep track of the credit card’s balance in real-time.

8. Attach Receipts to Purchases

This benefit isn’t necessarily automated, but will help you stay super organized for business write-offs during tax time or those monthly expense reports.

The X1 card app will give you the ability to click on a recent transaction, take a picture, and upload your receipt in a few clicks.

9. Higher Limits & Income-Based Credit

X1 supposedly offers limits up to 5x higher than traditional cards. This would mean you can spend more without negatively impacting your credit score.

The credit limits will be based on your current/future income and your limits can increase automatically as your income grows.

When applying, X1 will use a ‘soft’ inquiry so your credit score shouldn’t be impacted.


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Release Date: When will the X1 Card become available?

As confirmed in a recent news post, the X1 card is now starting to be offered to U.S. customers on the waitlist. There are approximately 350,000 people on the waitlist, but no indication of how quickly they will be working through the list.

The original stated projection for the card’s full release was “Winter 2020-2021”, so it’s clear that things are a bit behind schedule. Depending on your position in the waitlist, it may still be a few months (we’re guessing) before you receive your invitation.

Remember that you can jump up in the line by providing additional information to your account, or inviting others to sign up.

x1 card waiting list advancing


X1 Card Release Update #1 (March 2021): We wrote this article in Feb 2021 and after a month, our position fell ~100 spots on the waitlist. We assume the cards are being released, but at a very slow rate. This is probably due to their marketing campaign to get more people to share their website and brand with others. 

X1 Card Release Update #2 (August 2021): After checking our position six months later, our position in line fell another ~100 spots on the waitlist (~200 positions total within 6 months). at this rate, the release date for me could be years away. It seems that the only way you can really get this card soon is if you become a brand ambassador and market the hell out of their product. 

X1 Card Release Update #3 (October 18, 2021): A news posting from the the X1 official site indicates that their 6-month long private beta has ended, and the card will be rolling out to U.S. customers, starting with their waitlist first.  At the time of this update, there are approximately 350,000 people on the list. You can join the wait list here.

X1 Card Release Update #4 (December 23, 2021): WE FINALLY RECEIVED OUR CARD!!

Yes, it is no longer a myth and the card has finally been delivered to us.

We’d like to give a HUGE shout out to our good friend, Matt Moore from Round Rock, TX, for sending an invite to skip the line! We cannot thank you enough and can’t wait to start using the card.

After going through this 10 month wait, it seems like hunting down a referral may be more beneficial than waiting in line!

Oh, guess what…now that we have the card, we have an extra invite code for someone to skip the line too. The first person to send us a DM can have it…thanks to our good Friend Matt!

Adding your school and employer will help you immediately advance 200 spots on the waiting list. If you invite friends to sign-up, you can advance an additional 500 spots each time someone signs up.

On top of that, you can earn extra points for spreading the word about the X1 card.

Why Is There Such A Long Wait?

The X1 card has had a long Private Beta period for testing, which seems to now be over. They will be sending invitations to those on the waitlist, but there is no indication how quickly they will get through the list.

We have been tracking our progress for almost a year now and it seems like we have not moved much in line. There have been posts on Reddit and across the internet about how the company is making headway, but it doesn’t seem like we will be getting the card for a while yet.

Hopefully, there will be additional communication from the company soon. If not, they might lose steam from the original hype. If you find out any information about the release or waitlist, let us know in the comments below!


How Can I Check My X1 Card Status?

The X1 website used to have a feature to check your status, but this is no longer available. For now, it seems the only way to know is when you get alerted to apply for your new card. Hopefully, there will be more traction in 2022 as they start sending out more cards.


Is the X1 Card Worth Signing Up For?

Since there aren’t any annual fees, the card is definitely worth looking into.

As the card becomes available and in our possession, we will continue to give updates on how the automated benefits could make using a credit card easier as well.


We hope this helps you understand more about the X1 card. If we missed any important benefits or thoughts about the X1 card, leave a comment below!

If you’re a fan of credit cards offering amazing benefits, be sure to also check out M1 Finance’s new credit card as well.

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