As I write this, I am struggling to get the words on my screen. It is 5:49am and I am going to need a boost from my friend, Cuppa Joe. I’ll be right back, I just need to go to my not-so-automated coffee maker and make a quick brew. 

…well, my coffee maker needs to heat up before it can brew, so give me a few minutes and we can get back to the topic at hand.

Still warming…

Ok, all done now.  Ahh, that coffee really hits the spot.

I think it would be even better if I didn’t have to wait for my machine to warm up everyday. Every day I used to wake up, walk down the stairs, walk all the way across the house to push the ‘on’ button so our machine would wake up and start preparing so my wife and I could make a quick cup before leaving for the day.

Really, it wasn’t a big deal. It would take me about 100 seconds or so, but I got tired of having to do that every day of the work week. How could I eliminate this mundane task?

Some days I would forget and I would end up driving to Starbucks on the way to work. Honestly, I don’t know how or why people do this every day. The last time I went I waited for 15 minutes and paid 10x more than the cost of my coffee at home. Yeah, yeah, I know, their coffee is so much better…blah, blah, blah. I really do like their coffee, but the ROI for me is just plain awful.

So where did I find my answer? I upgraded my coffee maker to one of the newer Keurig models that would automate this task for me.

The Keurig will allow you to set up the clock so it always knows what time it is. Once this is done, you can set a time for the Keurig to automatically turn on at the time selected. My wife and I will have the coffee maker turn on when we wake up so it is warmed up and ready to brew a cup in less than a minute. On top of that, we buy coffee that that averages around 35 cents per cup (beat that Starbucks).

Yeah, so what? I ended up spending $150 to save myself 100 seconds each day? That’s it? Yes, that is exactly it. That will save me over 10 hours per year and will save me stress and energy as well.

Wait a second. Is this solution truly automated?


But, to be honest, it is the most convenient way that I have found compared to other options. Here are a few automated coffee solutions, but they have some sort of manual preparation.

Alternative # 1: Programmable Coffee Maker

Buying a programmable coffee maker will be easy on your morning routine as well as your pocketbook. You can typically find them for around $30 on amazon.

Automated Coffee Maker - Amazon

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Technically, this coffee maker has automation capabilities where you can set the timer to auto-brew at a specific time. Nothing is better than waking up to the sweet aroma of fresh-brewed coffee.

The only drawback to this little guy is the fact that you will still need to prep the coffee maker for each use.

  • Wash/clean the coffee pot
  • add the filter
  • add the coffee
  • add the water


Alternative # 2: Use a Smart Outlet

You can start automating many appliances at home by simply buying a smart plug.

Not all appliances will work perfectly (depending on how the item powers on), but this could be a simple solution to automated coffee.

Smart Outlet - Amazon

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

This option will also be easy on the pocket book. You should be able to find plenty of smart plugs for around $30 or so.


Alternative # 3: Smart Automated Coffee Maker

Here is a way to have your cake and drink it…?

Not only is it an automated coffee maker, but it has smart capabilities built into it.

Smart coffee maker - Amazon

Behmor Connected Customizable Temperature Control Coffee Maker

Again, with the previous solutions, this still isn’t 100% automated because you will need to prep all of the components to actually make the coffee.

This may come more in handy at times, but I probably wouldn’t use the app to brew my coffee everyday.

In the end, choose what makes the most sense for you. If you are the type of person that needs to have the newest, most nerdified gadget on the marketplace, you might want to impress your friends with this smart autmated coffee maker.

I like to be as practical (especially efficient!) as possible, so I continue with the Keurig.


Ready — Set — Automate!

Let’s get started today:

  1. Throw your other coffee maker in the trash – or donate it  : )
  2. Buy the Keurig to enjoy automated coffee here
  3. Set up the clock on the new machine and select the time you need it to start warming up
  4. Fully automate your coffee purchases with Amazon Subscribe & Save here
  5. Check out some other useful automation gadgets for your home here

p.s. for you Starbucks lovers, you can also buy Starbucks K-Cups. I do not do this because I buy biodegradable pods to help cut back on all that plastic (you can find these here)