chrome extensions for productivity

Today we are going to take a look at how you can leverage 7 of the best chrome productivity extensions.

Navigating the internet is like walking a tightrope above a dozen black holes. One minute we’re researching data for an important assignment and all of a sudden, we find ourselves 42 minutes into a cat video playlist on youtube.

It’s time for us to set ourselves up for success.

The only way to avoid falling into these black holes is to build a strong platform to keep us focused on our journey. Here are the 7 productivity chrome extensions that will eliminate distractions:

    1. StayFocusd
    2. Adblock
    3. Momentum
    4. Clockify
    5. LastPass
    6. Grammarly
    7. Todoist

We have personally tested each of these extensions to make sure they actually keep us on task and save time during the process. They are also free to download and are easy to implement!

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1. StayFocusd

Stop letting those social media sites suck you in with their meaningless news feeds and time-wasting memes. The StayFocusd extension will allow you to add blockers for any site that you know will keep you from the task at hand. Think of StayFocused like a digital version of your mother saying “no!”.

You will have the ability to set parameters on the time limit, and the extension can give you warnings when you are about to run out of time.

But I need to add more time to the time limit!

Too bad. You aren’t able to adjust any of the settings until the next day (there are ways to edit, but it is nearly impossible).

If you are looking for a similar concept for your phone, we recommend checking out the Freedom app.


2. Adblock

Everyone has the power to filter any advertisements before seeing them on the internet.

Yes, this includes those pesky ads you see on blog sites, YouTube videos, and anywhere you look for your daily content snack. Adblock will prove to you how effective it is by the numbers it puts up.

As of right now, my Adblocker shows that it blocked 113,932 ads since I installed it.

There is so much noise wherever you go, but Adblock will keep things clean so you can stay laser-focused on your journey. Without a doubt, this is one of the most essential chrome extensions that everyone should have.


3. Momentum

Of all the chrome productivity extensions on our list, this one has helped me the most. The tool will push you to get that one urgent task accomplished by the end of the day.

When you open a new tab in chrome, the Momentum extension will force you to look at a beautiful background that has the following:

  • The current time
  • A customized goal that you choose daily
  • An inspiring quote

This has been such a positive change compared to the previously blank screen I had before. I instantly become more productive with this extension because it catches my eye and forces me to say, “Ahhh, I need to finish my goal for the day”

To be honest, the only reason why I am typing this sentence right now is that Momentum told me to get back to work!


4. Clockify

Do you remember the times our parents would yell out, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6…” whenever they wanted us to do something?

The Clockify extension is kind of like that.

You click on a virtual stopwatch and it can keep you focused on getting your task completed (as well as organize the time for billable hours/jobs/etc). You’re able to customize the name of that task and it’s an easy way to keep you on track.

In the back of your mind, you are wanting to get your task done because it is watching you work! Your subconscious mind will take the wheel and help you minimize distractions.


chrome extensions for productivity


5. LastPass

How often do you forget a password and scramble for minutes trying to remember what you set it as in 2014?

The LastPass extension is dedicated to helping you remember the hundreds of passwords you have created over the years. There are many password managers out there, but we have found that LastPass is better than it’s competitors so we have voted it into our list of top productivity chrome extensions. 

Besides saving you from wasting time on resetting passwords, LastPass will also help create complex passwords that are very hard to crack which gives you a huge security boost!

Keep the LastPass assistant with you on the go by downloading their app on your phone as well. This will make it easy to have everything synced from mobile to desktop login attempts.


6. Grammarly

You have probably heard of Grammarly before, but not many use their chrome extension.

This productivity extension is a no-brainer for bloggers, business owners, or anyone that wants to stay professional while communicating via text.

As long as you are running this chrome extension in the background, Grammarly will help you with your grammar on any site. When you are writing emails, it will filter anything out that doesn’t make sense. If you are arguing about politics, it will make you look less ridiculous online because it won’t let you make grammatical errors.


7. Todoist

If you are looking for a task manager that can be accessed from your chrome browser, look no further than the Todoist extension.

Todoist is designed to make task management simple with its sleek and intuitive interface.

I have used this tool as a don’t-forget-about-this-task list that I add ideas to all the time. Whether I’m on my phone or my laptop, I can quickly add items so I can take care of them later.

The most important step with this tool is to create a system to remember to use the application. Once this system is in place, the chrome extension forces you to use your time wisely.


Final Thoughts

Keep in mind these tools are designed to set you up for success, but you will need to have the will power to accomplish the goals you set.

These are the best productivity extensions we could find, but please let us know if you find one to add to our list!