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This morning I received a text about Disneyland closing their doors due to the coronavirus.

Just like that, happiness was canceled across America.

I thought to myself, “This coronavirus thing is really worse than I thought.” Sports leagues, international travel, and major events were being shut down left and right. This has become an economic epidemic more than anything.

My dad made me realize that panic had already set in across the masses. He went to the grocery store to grab the weekly essentials, but the only jug of water left in the store was mangled like a smashed can of soda.

Not only will the global economy suffer, but the supply of common necessities will be hoarded for not much  reason at all. The more hype this coronavirus gets, the harder it will be to find a roll of toilet paper. I truly think and hope that all of this will blow over within a few months and we will look back at this like the swine flu or any other ‘epidemic’ that has hit us in recent history.

Until then, we might want to have a safety net in case these hoarders don’t let up. Depending on how long this phase lasts, we might as well prepare for the worst.

Instead of fighting over common household goods, it’s time to invest in the Coronavirus Survival Kit! Give some of these tips a try and you’ll be ahead of the game with little effort!

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#1 Make Your Own Soap

Soap has been hard to find on shelves lately, and it really makes you wonder if people weren’t washing their hands before now. Regardless, it truly is a necessity to keep our hands clean from any germs.

With stores sold out of this essential item, it can be difficult to acquire some for yourself, and may even cost more! Instead of wasting extra time and money hunting for soap at a store, try making some for yourself!

The items needed to create soap are typically minimal, and very much in stock on Amazon (for now). I’m not a soap-making expert, so I won’t be covering the steps to make soap, but a quick google search will point you in the right direction.

There are many approaches to making soap, but the easiest ones will likely be to follow a recipe using lye (please be careful, as the lye is harmful until made into soap), or a DIY soap base.

Simply order some ingredients, and voila, you have soap!

diy soap kit


#2 Get a Bidet Attachment

Honestly, we rely on toilet paper way more than we should, especially in America. Once we adjust our habits, there won’t be any need to buy 48 rolls every few weeks.

Many other first-world countries are already using bidets. Research has shown that they’re actually healthier for you and the environment. Not only that, but they can save you time and money! It’s truly a win-win all the way around.

Now before you write off this idea, thinking it’s too expensive, or difficult to set one up, let me assure you it really isn’t. All that’s required to have a bidet in your own toilet is to order an attachment and spend about 10-15 minutes installing.

Never worry about running out of toilet paper again, and enjoy having a squeaky clean butt!

Bidet Toilet Attachment

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Toilet Attachment


#3 Buy MRE’s Instead of Canned Food

MRE is an acronym for ‘meals-ready-to-eat’. These are packaged containers of dry food that has the nutrition your body needs to keep going.

Canned Food is likely going to be a hot staple and may sell out just like soap and toilet paper. There is a huge variety of MRE’s that you can order and keep for a really long time without expiring.  It’s good to have some handy just in case.

If you want to explore more sustainable options, consider trying your hand at growing vegetables. The materials to start aren’t overly expensive, and a lot of vegetables can be grown in 1 – 2 month’s time!

mre package


#4 Electric Bikes and Scooters For Emergency Transportation

I hope it doesn’t come down to this, but the last the time media mentioned the possibility of a gasoline shortage here in Texas, you couldn’t find fuel at a gas station for almost week. We created a shortage purely out of panic.

It seems likely that the coronavirus will continue to cause more panic over time. Because of this, we should think about any other option for transportation, should gasoline become less viable.

For many of us to get around to take care of simple errands, an electric scooter or electric bike is ideal and cost-effective. Hopefully, if we are all self-quarantined, we won’t be needing to leave the house, but it’s good to be prepared just in case.

segway electric scooter

Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter


#5 Read About Flu Prevention and the Coronavirus

Everyone (including me) is going to have their own opinion on this topic. Take some time to read about how to prevent and maintain a healthy body.

There are a lot of great ebooks available to learn more, many of which are free with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Service (it has a free 30-day trial as well). Be sure to check out the other categories of books available. There’s something for everyone!


Final Thoughts

We hope these tips help reduce your stress during these difficult times. There are more important things we should all be worried about (like washing our hands), the least of which is where to buy everyday supplies.

If you have your own tips for dealing with the coronavirus, please share them below so everyone can benefit!

Send this to a friend who could use some relief as well!