stop sleeping in and watch motivational videos

Every one of us eventually gets in a slump where we start sleeping in and lack the motivation to crush the day ahead of us.

It is even tougher for those of us that work remotely. If you are forced to work from home, you most likely have had the mental argument, “I can sleep in a few more minutes…my office is only 15 seconds down the hall!”

If you are needing a little nudge of inspiration in the morning, try watching some YouTube videos to get your adrenaline pumping. The goal here is to start off with something energetic, but most importantly, positive.

I strongly believe if you win the first hour of the day, you win the day.

So stop sleeping in and find something that motivates you to wake up immediately. Next time your smart alarm clock goes off, come back to this article and watch one of these YouTube videos (even if you are still in bed!). This will help your mind wake up because your emotions will kick-start the rest of your body into gear.

Here are some of the best motivational YouTube videos we have found online:


1. You Gotta Be Hungry

In this inspirational YouTube video, Les Brown shares some of his life lessons and wisdom and it is the perfect short video to help jump-start your morning routine. He talks about how he battled mental challenges and rejection, but eventually rose above these factors and achieved great success.

Les continued to motivate others by becoming a motivational speaker and life coach to thousands of people across the world.


2. Your Life in Jelly Beans

How much time does the average person really have to enjoy life? With jellybeans representing time, you will quickly see how many days are taken with mundane tasks and what free time you really end up with. After watching this YouTube video, you will want to start capitalizing on the few jelly beans you really have on this earth.

Speaking of capitalizing on them, how many do you have left anyway?


3. Do What You Can’t

Take a mental shift from what society requires and do what feeds your soul. YouTube personality, Casey Neistat, shows how he turned his back the normal path and decided to make his own. In this motivational YT video, he inspires others with the life he has created by being a filmmaker, vlogger, and entrepreneur of many ventures.

He truly lives his motto “Do what you can’t” because he doesn’t want to waste away doing what others want for him. Let’s be like Casey and overcome those objections with choices that will be truly rewarding.


4. Finish The Race

In this touching YouTube video, Derek Redmond was running a race at the Olympics and ended up having physical trouble halfway through the event. You can tell that his body was shutting down and he wasn’t going to be close to winning the race.

Even through great pain and suffering, he gets motivation from his father to finish the race he started. If you are a runner, you probably can feel the pain and other emotions from this challenging event.


5. Dream Motivational Video

This may be one of the best videos to motivate you to get out of bed in the morning. If you have dreams or goals you are trying to achieve, watch this and you will be forced to keep your eye on the finish line. The music behind the words spoken are adrenaline pumping and can also help you with those high-intensity workouts if you are an athlete.


6. What is the Value of Your Life?

This motivational YT video is enlightening by showing how impactful someone’s environment can be for them. A father teaches his young son about how people may value certain things or people in this world. Just because someone might not see us as important or valuable, doesn’t mean that we aren’t.

If life becomes tough, it might be time to change our environment and other surroundings to be more positive. This may be a better fit for us long-term.


7. When Life Gives You Lemons… Just Have Fun

Life isn’t easy. There are many challenges we face that can be physically and mentally draining. One of those challenges could be waking up on a Monday morning.

The young boy shows us that life is meant to be fun, even if we are dealt a bad hand. He struggles for a couple of minutes to climb the playground, but it is all worth it when he is able to take the slide down.

Because this was so touching emotionally, we had to add it to our list of ‘Best Motivational Videos Online’.


8. The Teacher Who Changed My Life

Dan Lok shows the impact one of his teachers had on his life. He had a hard time with presentations and public speaking at school. When his teacher noticed how much he was struggling, she challenged him to fight through the presentations at school and this pushed him to accomplish more successful goals in the future.

When he came back years later, he showed her how her motivation and inspiration helped him write books, among other great achievements.


9. Are You More Disabled Than I Am?

In this YouTube video, Nick Vujicic speaks about the physical deformities that challenged him physically and mentally. He talks about some of the life events that he battled and overcame. Now, he considers these physical differences as a gift because it has made him so much stronger than he ever would have been.

With his quote, “Are you more disabled than I am?”, he challenges the audience to be strong and not become crippled by the unfortunate events that happen on a daily basis.


10. Jim Carrey: Stop Failing at What You Don’t Want

Jim Carrey teaches the world why fame and fortune is not as glamorous as it looks from a distance. He talks about why he chose the path he took and why he wasn’t willing to gamble his life and career on choices that wouldn’t be exciting.

He also talks about what is most important in this world; the impact you leave on others. Next time you are needing some positive inspiration, give this motivational YouTube video a watch.


11. Success is a Continuous Journey

If you look at success as a short-term goal, you will never win. Richard St. John shows how this became true in his life story. He had all the success he ever wanted and it slowly became unfulfilling over time. After buying cars and medicine to make him feel happy, he discovered why he felt so drained.

Instead of looking at short-term finish lines, focus on the journey and the passions in your life.


12. Steve Jobs Commencement Speech

This commencement speech by Steve Jobs will give you chills. After being kicked out of the company he created, Steve Jobs explains how he bounced back and why it helped him become much more successful in the end. He gives these college graduates advice on how he handled life’s challenges and how they can use his story to do something great in their lives.


13. Will Smith’s Life Advice Will Change You

Will Smith has accomplished so much in his life. He has been very successful with his music, television, and film career. He has many nuggets of wisdom that have helped him achieve goals and live his best life. He explains how hard work and dedication has been the biggest reason to help him reach his dreams and how simple it is for anyone to tap into their inner greatness.


14. If You Want to Change the World, Start Off by Making Your Bed

Small tasks like making your bed every day can help you in bigger ways than you would have ever thought. In this motivational video, Admiral William McRaven teaches how this simple chore will help you achieve bigger goals and create consistency. Having consistency and drive will only drive momentum to help you with the rest of your day.

Not to mention, it will also help you come home to a neat and clean bedroom after a rough day.


15. If You can’t Run, Crawl

The title pretty much says it all. This young girl was running a race until she burned all her calories and her body started to shut down. She is just feet from the finish line when she collapses on the ground, not able to take another step. With the help of others, she gets the motivation to literally crawl the remaining distance and finishing the race.

Getting out of bed in the morning should be seen as the most simple task after watching this inspiring video.


16. Jack Ma: Embrace Rejection

This is one of the best motivational videos for people that are having a hard time getting rejected in life. Jack Ma talks about how he handled the word “no” by ignoring it until he found success. He gives an example of how he applied to Harvard on 10 separate occasions and got rejected every single time. This continued with other ventures until he found success with his company, Alibaba (which is wildly successful by the way).


17. Hear Advice From 70 Different People & 70 Different Ages

In this YouTube video, 70 different people (from the ages of 5 to 75) give advice to someone younger than them. It is interesting to hear the advice of people from multiple ages because you will find a trend with so many of them. Some of the recurring phrases included, follow your dreams, have fun, and love others more.

After watching this, it inspires you to focus on what is important in life and letting go of everything else.


18. Never Give Up. Mental and Physical Transformation Video

This shows an incredible transformation from a disabled veteran that wanted to become physically healthier. At the beginning of the YouTube video, he shows how he’s overweight and needs support to walk. He attempts to perform yoga and can barely hold some of the poses.

By the end of the video, he becomes a yoga master and ends up being able to balance upside down on his head. This is super motivating for someone who is looking to achieve their workout goals.


19. A Father’s Amazing Love – Motivational Video

Dick and Rick Hoyt are a father/son duo who complete a triathlon together. Not only do they complete this event, but the father carries the son throughout the race. He not only swims, but pulls his son on a raft for one mile. He then bikes his son another 24 miles and finishes the race with a 6-mile run, while pushing his son in a special wheelchair.

This motivational video really shows the love a father has for his son who cannot perform these physical events. His thought is that he wouldn’t want to do anything like this without his son at his side.


20. The Skateboard Trick That Took 2 Years to Land

If you are struggling to accomplish a goal in your life, you might want to watch this video for inspiration. Christian Flores made this video to show you the progress and pain he went through to finally accomplish his goal. Just before landing the trick, he was throwing up over the handrail, while being mentally and physically drained.

Due to his strong willpower, he overcame this challenge and landed it nicely. Sometimes it takes that one last effort to force your mind and body to just make it happen.


21. The Unsung Hero (Do it for Happiness)

There are hundreds of opportunities for all of us to make our world a better place.

The problem with this concept is that many people feel like they have to give up too much time, energy, and money without much in return. This video shows how you may not receive fame or fortune, but instead, you become more fulfilled with happiness.  Make the world a better place and you will be rewarded with a full heart.


Bonus: Affirmations To Listen To While Sleeping

We polled our friends, family, and searched online to find the best videos to help them gain motivation and confidence. In addition to watching/listening to motivational videos, many of them recommended listening to “I Am” affirmations when trying to sleep or while sleeping. If you need to tweak the way you think about yourself, give this YouTube video a try.



We hope these motivational videos have helped you become driven, motivated, and keep you from sleeping in too late in the mornings. If you know of any inspiring videos we missed, let us know in the comments below. If it is truly inspiring, we will definitely add it to the list to make this the best list of videos on the internet.

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