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We are currently accepting guest posts for our productivity blog.

This would be at no cost and we would refer your site within the article and backlink to your website.

In order to ensure our audience isn’t underwhelmed, we do have some simple guidelines and we will choose the guest blog writers who can cater to our audience accordingly.  If you feel like your guest submission would be a good fit, please reach out and we will add your blog article once approved.


Who is our audience?

Our Audience is anyone who is trying to be more productive and is wanting to learn new ways to save them time, stress, and money (in this order specifically).

Ultimately, we want our audience to get value out of your guest post. In order to do that, we would need the article to be catered to them.


What are the blog guest posting requirements?

A perfect guest post article would meet these requirements:

1)  An idea that would make them want to try a ‘new concept’ to automate something in their personal  life (we focus mainly on consumers, not business owners, but can be open to the business side)

2)  Somewhat of a guide that will walk them through this ‘new concept’ step-by-step

3)  Anything that would make our audience say: “I never thought about this before!” or “I didn’t know this was a thing until now!”

4)  In the end if we have them take action on this idea, we did our job

5) Bonus points if you are able to incorporate a story about this specific ‘new concept’ in everyday life


Do you want to guest post for our productivity blog?

Please submit an inquiry and we will get your article added to our content calendar once approved.

To get a better idea about who our audience is, check out our latest blog posts.

We are also willing to link back to your site if you are able to contribute new ‘life hacks’ that we feel are valuable to our audience. This is more of an opinion-based judgement call, but we are willing to add yours if it seems to be worth sharing.


Thank you,

Nate & James