Neck Phone Holder

Neck Phone Holder

  • Multifunctional Phone Holder – You use the phone holder around your neck or you can attach it to other items like your bed, table, car, bike, or almost anywhere you may need to see your phone screen. The strap is designed to work in many ways so your arms don’t have to hold it wherever you are.
  • Flexible Holder & Adjustable Use – This around-the-neck phone holder can rotate 360 degrees and you are able to adjust the holder at any angle so your body is comfortable and not straining. 
  • Hands Free – You won’t have to use your hands at all. The holder will sit perfectly and comfortably on your neck so you can relax and view your favorite shows or movies in your bedroom, car, gym, or office. It is also great to throw the holder on while you facetime with a family member. This will keep the phone secured and will make sure your face is always in the picture.
  • Universally Compatible – This has a universal mobile phone stand, meaning it will work great for any device. The neck phone holder is compatible with phones of all sizes and will easily adjust accordingly.
  • Sturdy Phone Holder – This device is designed for durability and functionality. It will last for years and works well to avoid any shaking or issues while wearing it.


Around the neck phone holder to watch your phone hands-free.

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