Perfect Cake Slicer

Perfect Cake Slicer

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GetAutomated Review – Perfect Cake Slicer

Ok folks. We heard a lot of buzz around the cake slicer that cuts the perfect slice of cake every time.

But does it really work?

We ended up trying this out and the results are in. The perfect cake slicer actually helps make the cake cutting and serving task much easier. The time and stress to pass out all these slices are gone for good. This can really help with enjoying the special occasion instead of spending too much time cutting the cake.

The only downside we found was the fact that the performance of this cake cutter depends on the type of cake you have. If the slices are too large or dense, this tool might not be the best option. However, this is a great slicer to have handy for all the ‘tyipical’ cakes you end up cutting throughout the year.

For the price, ease, and dependability, we give the perfect cake slicer a 8.5/10.

Automation Score = 85