Mosquito Bug Trap

  • High Tech Trap: The bug trapper has a colorful UV light to atrract any bugs including: mosquitos, gnats, moths. Once the light attracts the bugs, there is a fan that will pull the bugs in the trap and sticky adhesive that will keep the bugs stuck inside the trap.
  • Luring Temperature: The bugs will be attracted to the temperature that the mosquito trapper emits. This will cause the mosquitos and other bugs interested more than other traps that don’t have a higher temperature.
  • Multiple Modes: Once turned on, the bug catching device will start working to catch the bugs. There is also a smart band change mode which has e a total of 7 wavelengths switches wavelengths about every 15 minutes. This will help attract multiple kinds of insects depending on the wavelength.
  • Safe: This mosquito bug trapper is non-toxic and safe because there aren’t any chemicals that would hurt any family members or electricity that could cause harm.
  • Efficient and Mobile: The bug trapper is compact and can be used almost anywere. It also doesn’t use much energy and is very efficient while catching the mosquitos.