Do you understand the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire?

Many people (including myself) often assume, “Yeah, a billionaire is like millionaire, but a lot wealthier”. But we often misjudge how much ‘a lot wealthier’ can add up to.

Think about the difference by equating to time. 1 million seconds is just over 11 days, whereas 1 billion seconds is almost 32 years!

This is what the difference between a millionaire and billionaire looks like:


Just look at that cute kiddo. Oh…and that baby is pretty cute, too.

Most of these billionaires don’t become this wealthy by accident. The one thing they all have in common:

>>>Making Investments<<<

Warren buffet purchased his first stock when he was 11 years old. Since then, he has been spent thousands of hours researching and making investment decisions. Because of this, he is now a multi-billionaire and has made it high up on the list of wealthiest people in the world. He also has a team to help him with his automated investing strategies.

So that leaves us with the question, How often do you invest?

Daily? Monthly? Never?

Many people don’t include investing into their normal routine because, well…it’s boring!

Today we will look at some automated investing strategies to help with these dull tasks so you don’t have to lift a finger. Simply have a computer manage this while you count the dollars adding up…oh wait, I should probably add a disclaimer. Here’s a word from our attorney:

Attention please. The guys at are not financial advisors, but simply know of some automated tools out there to help you automate this into your life.    Got it? Good.

We also hope that you make billions of dollars one day, but apologize in advance if you do not become the next Warren Buffet. However, this channel has helped me learn how to make value-investments.

Let’s take a look below at some tools that can help you invest often and automatically.


Tool #1 – Acorns

In a way, Acorns is similar to a 401(k).

This tool will link up with your bank account and let you gradually pull small amounts to a new saving/investment account.



  1. Automated investing so you don’t have to think about it
  2. No monthly deposit required
  3. No minimum balance fees
  4. No fees for withdrawing from account


  1. Monthly fees of $1 or .25%
  2. Fees can lower the ROI depending on amount transferred



You do have the ability to set automatic transfers so you don’t have to manage the these. Acorns will also make it easy to invest this money by automatically placing your balance into an ETF investment portfolio.


Tool #2 – Stash

Stash is another automated investing app that will let you choose from about 30 different types of ETFs. They make it easy on the user by grouping these ETFs into simple categories so you don’t have to think too hard when deciding on a particular ETF.

For example, they have a category called ‘delicious dividends’ group that will yield higher dividends than the other options available.



  1. Automatic transfers and investments
  2. No required minimums or amount of deposits
  3. You can invest in individual stocks as well as ETFs


  1. Monthly fees of $1 or .25%
  2. Fees come out of your bank account rather than the account within the Stash application
  3. $10k limit per withdrawal



Also, Stash has fun ways to invest by letting you take challenges to help the dough add up even more.


Tool #3 – Betterment

Betterment is one of the most respected robo-advisor platforms because you are able to engage and speak with actual financial advisors. The level of support will depend on the service that you are enrolled in.

Betterment will cater their tool to your specific financial situation and goals you have in place.



  1. Set up automatic transfers and investments
  2. can consult financial advisors via in-app messaging.
  3. No withdrawing fees
  4. Access to personalized saving advice


  1. Monthly fees of .25% to .40%
  2. They charge $3 if you don’t invest at least $100/month
  3. Withdrawals take up to 5 days


Betterment‘s algorithms will check daily for a need to rebalance and will buy fractional shares so there’s no uninvested cash in your portfolio. This is another great option for automated investing.


Tool #4 – RobinHood

Robinhood is one of the few applications to give investors completely commision-free trading. Not every stock imaginable is listed on the exchange, but there are quite a bit to choose from.

The application is very user friendly and you are able to choose from stocks as well as some cryptocurrency options. Robinhood is a fun way to help with automated investing.



  1. Automatically set up transfers to fund the account
  2. Completely free trading without any fees
  3. Ability to invest in cryptocurrency


  1. Not 100% automated investing
  2. Can be risky depending on investment choices



The only minor downside to Robinhood is the lack of automation. You will need to manually choose your investments, which will take time to do.

In all honesty, this is probably a good thing though. Because the risk can be higher with a specific stock, you probably wouldn’t want a platform that started picking random stocks without your permission.


Ready – Set – Automate!

Let’s start today:

  1. Take a look at one tool above that will help you achieve your investment goals
  2. Create a plan to budget and save for the future
  3. As your investment grows, think about how you can use part of this investment to fund other activities, goals, or dreams.

Need money to invest? Start saving more with these helpful tips.

Have any other automation hacks or ideas? Leave us a comment below!

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