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Our Story

It all started when James automated a tedious task at work. There were very few tools and systems in place and he was able to put together a system to change the way they handled our customers’ experience after buying a service.

After seeing this amazing feat, Nathan looked over to James and said, “Can you please automate my life?”

And that is when they started the journey down the rabbit hole, not knowing that they would probably never return. They decided to make small changes, week by week, to replace these mundane tasks with productivity hacks that would improve their daily routines.

Now they are on a quest to share the stories, tools, and knowledge to help everyone get some time back from their boring or stressful routines. Getting automated isn’t just a hobby, but a lifestyle for people to completely enrich their lives. Productivity gives you control of your day-to-day life and you will only become happier with the more control you have.

Let us know if you have any productivity hacks, automation gadgets, or topics you would like us to cover and join us on the journey to automate our lives.


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