folded blanket

It all started with our not-so-compact pot strainer.

It was bigger than my head (btw, I have been told I have a large head).

My wife and I would use this strainer a couple of times a month at most and it was constantly in the way. We had it in our kitchen cabinet and used one of those 3M sticky hooks to hang it on the side wall of the cabinet.

Every time I needed to grab a pot or pan from that cabinet, I would bump into the strainer and it would fall down and bounce out onto the floor. I would stop what I was doing to put the giant colander back on the hook again.

We didn’t have much storage space as our kitchen was pretty small at the time. In fact, I would use the laundry room shelves to hold some of the cooking appliances to save storage space.

Eventually, I came across this magical, compact device that would change my life forever.

Instead of using a 2-pound strainer, I found a collapsible pot strainer that magically folded up to about 1-inch thick.

No more reaching around a beach ball to grab another pot or pan. In fact, It made me like that cabinet again.

If you have specific things that bother you around the house because your space is a bit tight, this article is for you. Below is a list of compact and collapsible items that will free up storage space once and for all.

A handful of these products are small enough to fit in your pocket! Save yourself time and stress by replacing that one [INSERT OBSTRUCTING GIZMO] thing at home.


1. Mini Umbrella

mini space saving umbrella

Mini Umbrella

This compact mini umbrella is a space saver because it is 3 times smaller than the typical umbrella when folded up. It is just the right size to carry around and hardly takes up any space.

The functionality is very similar to any other umbrella and it is sturdy as well. The umbrella comes with a case and will fit nicely in your pocket. This is perfect for the car, purse or backpack because it can stay there without being in the way.

For about $10 or so, the umbrella is worth having on hand in case you need it one day.


2. Compact Purse Hanger

compact purse hanger

Purse Hanger

This is a wonderful heavy-duty space saving hanger for purses, but can be used for many other items too. The hanger lets you easily add/remove purses and accessories without them accidentally sliding off.

If you are living in a dorm, apartment or anywhere with a small closet, give this compact purse hanger a try.


3. Foldable Scissors

foldable scissors

Foldable Scissors

From now on, you can run with scissors in your hand without being judged.


These collapsible scissors will fold into themselves so the sharp end is protected by the outer handle. This product is great if you need to store these in a backpack, purse, or around kids who could potentially hurt themselves if they found them.


4. Collapsible Fishing Pole

collapsible fishing pole

Collapsible Fishing Pole

If you’re an avid fisherman, you might not want to buy fishing pole that isn’t a top-of-the-line product, but for any others that enjoy fishing as a hobby every now and then, take a look at this little guy (pun intended).

This fishing pole will collapse into itself so it only takes up about a foot of space. This is a game-changer if you don’t have a lot of room in your car when going camping.


5. Compact Camping Cookware Set

camping cookware set

Compact Cookware

This set of cookware is all you will ever need for camping trips moving forward.

With 15 pieces in total, you will have access to pots, bowls, spoons, and anything else that is necessary to cook and eat a meal. This set is extremely compact and comes with a nylon bag to keep everything clean.

When everything is put together, the total dimensions end up at 6.7 x 6.5 x 3.9 inches and weighs a total of only 1.45 Pounds.


6. Collapsible Laundry Hamper

collapsible laundry bin

Collapsible Laundry Bin

The cool thing about this laundry hamper is that it’s structured to curve to your body on one side and has the handle on the other side to carry it comfortably with one arm. This is a huge benefit if you are walking around the house collecting laundry. The laundry bin is also sturdy and made of high quality materials. 
If you are living in tight quarters, the collapsible feature is super convenient because you don’t necessarily have to extend this hamper completely if you don’t want to.

7. Rollable Water Bottle

roll up water bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle

If you are looking for a water bottle that is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to transport, look no further.  Some collapsible water bottles are good at saving space, but the functionality for drinking is key.

The design and materials of this bottle is perfect. It is very sturdy and stands up on its own (some other bottles are flimsy). This one can also hold hot and cold liquids without damaging the outer material. It’s great to travel with and you can fit it anywhere without having a foot-long bulging cylinder coming out of your pocket or bag.

8. Collapsible Cooler

collapsible cooler

Collapsible Cooler

Not only does this cooler keep your beverages cold, but it can hold up to 50 cans of your favorite soft drink or beer (including ice). This is perfect for those family gatherings at the park, beach, concert or sporting events. 

The best part about the cooler is that it has hinges on both sides of the cooler that allows it to fold the cooler down flat after using it.

9. Pocket Blanket

pocket blanket

Pocket Blanket

Yes, this blanket does exactly what its name promises.

The pocket blanket is a blanket that will fold up into a small rectangle that you can store inside the pocket of your jeans. One great plus is it folds back into the pouch very easily without having to carefully fold the blanket back. There are built-in stakes so you can keep it secure while using this for picnics, the beach, concerts, or any other outdoor event.

10. Collapsible Dog Bowls

collapsible dog bowl

Collapsible Dog Bowl

This is a great compact bowl that is extremely portable and easy to have on hand when going to the park or taking the dog for a walk on a hot day.

The dog bowls are lightweight and they collapse and pop up with ease. They’re also deep which allows larger dogs to quench their thirst without having you constantly refill it. If you don’t have a place to store this bowl, you can simply clip it to your belt loop or bag as well.


11. Collapsible Wagon

fold up wagon

Collapsible Wagon

This wagon is absolutely a necessity if you need to move heavy items or a large number of loose belongings to and from your car/home/etc.

The collapsible part is absolutely great and it can easily fit into the back of any car’s trunk. The materials used are durable and can hold a good amount of weight (150 lbs.). If you are constantly needing to haul heavy items around or need to do a lot of setup for events and activities, this collapsible wagon could be a lifesaver.

12. Pot / Pan Organizer

pan organizer

Pot & Pan Organizer

If you look at the average kitchen cabinet, there is usually a good amount of space that isn’t being used. Most people will throw some pots and pans in a cabinet, but only use about 25% of the space.

This pot and pan organizer will help you use all that storage space and make it easy to grab the tools you need without the hassle. Give this a try to revamp your kitchen storage space.

13. 2 in 1 travel pillow blanket

2-in-1 pillow blanket

2-in-1 Pillow & Blanket Combo

Is it a blanket or a pillow?

With this 2 in 1 travel pillow blanket, you can have both! If you are a bit cold, you can wrap yourself up with this good sized 60″ x 40″ blanket. If you are just needing to cushion your head for some shut-eye, fold up the blanket and quickly convert it into a soft pillow.

This is perfect if you are traveling on a plane or on a road trip. You can also clip this to your bag to make sure you always have it on hand without having to store it in your bag.

14. Collapsible Ladder

collapsible ladder

Collapsible Ladder

You’ve never seen a ladder like this before. Each step will collapse down and will eventually compress itself into a 3 foot ladder for storing. The collapsible ladder is manufactured with high-quality aluminum alloy and a polished finish and give you weight support of over 300 pounds. 

If you are trying to revamp the storage space in your garage (or in this case, closet), try this ladder and save yourself a few feet of storage space.

15. Fold-up Murphy Bed

folding murphy bed

Folding Murphy Bed

If you are trying to easily convert a home office into a guest bedroom, try buying a murphy bed.

These stylish beds will help you save space while keeping the room looking neat and clean. When it is not in use, the bed will fold into a stylish cabinet. When you have guests over, you can fold the bed out for a comfortable night of sleep on a queen size mattress.

16. Universal Socket Wrench

universal socket wrench

Universal Socket Wrench

If you are looking for a one-size-fits-all tool for screwing in nuts, bolts, and other special types of screws, this universal socket wrench will do just that.

Instead of having 64-piece set of attachments, you can use one moving forward. This tool has a bunch of strong metal pins that are flexible to wrap around any object so it can rotate the hardware efficiently.

17. Compact Ironing Mat

compact ironing mat

Compact Ironing Mat

There hasn’t been many improvements to the ironing boards in the last few decades. The bulky metal stands are too clunky, noisy, and take up way too much space at home.

This compact ironing mat is convenient because you can fit this in small spaces so it is out of the way when you aren’t ironing your clothes. Simply unfold the mat and you can use this almost anywhere to unwrinkle your clothes.


18. Compact Pot Strainer

compact pot strainer

Compact Pot Strainer

Remember the giant colander dilemma from my story earlier? This is a better option that can fit into your pocket.

This pot strainer will clip onto the side of any standard pot and will help you strain without having to deal with an eye sore or a limited space problem. Because this product is so small, it will be easier to clean as well. Toss that bulky strainer of yours and try this one instead.


I hope these items help you replace those bulky items at home that are getting in your way on a daily basis. If you know of any products that you love, let us know and we will get them added to this list. Leave us a comment below!

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