Bulk much?

When was the last time you ran out of toothpaste? If you are like most people, you are about to run out again. And you will most likely run out next month as well.

Why play this game every month?

I challenge you to simplify your life and start buying one item in bulk. By doing this you can save a little bit of time (and money over the lifetime of the product used).

But don’t stop there. The more items you buy in bulk, the more time and money you will be saving. And the best part is you will eliminate these distractions in your life.

Does your significant other ever ask you, “Honey, can you pick up some AA-batteries on your way home?”

Mine doesn’t. At least not anymore. Mainly, because we have plenty of AA-batteries to last us the next 6 months. No need to do the foil trick with random AAA-batteries we found in our couch cushion.

Speaking of bulk orders, here is the most recent bulk order purchase that came in this week:

Normally, I would buy some hair gel from my local barber and it would cost me around $9/month. Because this would cost me more than I liked to spend ($108/year), I decided to try inexpensive ones that did the same job, if not better. Now I buy my gel in bulk once a year ($51/year) and I don’t have to leave my house.

Because of this, I am able to spend more money on automating other items into my life.  :)

Remember our toothpaste dilemma? Here is how I nipped this problem in the bud:

Not only do we always have toothpaste, but I don’t have to even think about ordering it. It’s like magic, yet the trick is obvious and people hardly take advantage of this secret.

What is the secret? The answer lies in our other blog post.

Which items could you possibly buy in bulk today to start making life easier? Take a look at the items below and see what makes sense for you:

#1 Toilet Paper

#2 Soaps

#3 Nuts

#4 Batteries

#5 Alcohol

#6 Canned Foods

#7 Deodorant

#8 Toothpaste

#9 Shampoo / Hair Care

#10 Trash Bags

#11 Light Bulbs

#12 Vitamins

#13 Pet Food

#14 Diapers

#15 Frozen Food

#16 Condiments

#17 Coffee


Wait! Before filling up your home with these items, consider a few tips…

Tip #1: Cost

Some might say, “Buying all of these items in bulk will be too expensive.”

You are correct.

Start with a couple items and work your way up to buying as many items as possible.

Tip #2: Expiration Date

Focus on the items with a greater longevity. For example, if you want to collect food items, think about these:

honey  –  rice  –  mustard  –  dried beans  –  jerky  –  chia seeds  –  nuts  –  oats

Honey will almost never expire. All you need to do is warm up the bottle/jar and you are good to go!

Tip #3: Size

You might not have room in your home for all of these items so think about this:

Small things first!

The larger the item, the harder it will be to store at home. Start by collecting trash bags before storing a ton of toilet paper.

Tip #4: Common Headaches

What are some of the most annoying items that you run out of? Toilet paper? Shampoo?

Ask your significant other or roommate. I’m sure someone has a list.

Start with the most painful items first so you can reduce stress.   :)


Ready – Set – Automate!

Let’s start today:

  1. Choose one item above that you will start buying in bulk.
  2. Let the products come to you by taking this small step
  3. Let us know if we missed any important items on our list so we can share with others!


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